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Billy G.Swinton II – Team Leader for Swinton Consulting and Life: Custom Designed


Billy Swinton resigned from his first job at just 20 years old and did so, with 7 years on the job. He started working at the Queens Borough Public Library at just 13 years old. Little did he know this job would have a huge impact on his future career path. It would also be the beginning of the hidden desires and passions. He was always intrigued by the biographies of great and wealthy people. There were similar habits of each. It lead him to 2 conclusions; He wanted to be financially independent and he wanted to have a huge impact on the lives of others. All that was needed was to figure out the clues left by success.

Billy is now able to fulfill this passion in 2 ways. 1- helping families and business owners develop productive financial habits. 2- helping people overcome challenges by developing successful habits to achieve and surpass their goals and dreams.

Billy has 3 beautiful children and a wife that motivate him daily. He has always taught his children to go above and beyond in all that they do and that is what he does in whatever role he fills.

Anyone who knows Billy personally knows, his passion for basketball. Billy says he is “a different person on the court, full of confidence, a competitive desire to win, passionate teammate and compassionate opponent”. He has learned to harness that energy and release it into his business passion. So take advantage of it!

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